Anne Sugano

I started on this project in 2004, and within a couple weeks I knew that this project was something I was meant to do in my life. I quickly started to see how the texts were formed by its authors by how the writers used duplicate information throughout the gospels. Six years later, after reading Richard Elliott Friedman’s excellent books, Who Wrote the Bible and The Bible with Sources Revealed, I was inspired to get back to the project right away. So, in 2010 I immediately began working on it again.

I have examined Greek texts very intently, and now Hebrew texts, in order to form the parables. Though the revealed parables may seem simple, thousands of hours have been put into the work, with the gospel parables taking several years to form. This project is a work from the heart, and I hope the work will bring a smile to others as the parables are examined.

Besides being a biblical textual and form critic and researcher, I am also a professional organizer, home stager, space planner, new home designer and consultant. In the future, I will probably be writing about new home design, among other things.

Illustrations on this website, as well as the ones in How the Bible was Written, Acts of the Apostles & The Parable Blueprint and The Book of Revelation & The Parable Blueprint were done by me.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University in 1988, and I’ve studied biblical texts and its literary structure as an independent scholar for many years since then.

Paul in Athens

Image from Acts of the Apostles & The Parable Blueprint.